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Bastet Noir

Bastet Noir

Bastet, known in ancient Egypt as the Warrior Lioness Deity, is a sublime first name for a clothing brand hell-bent on empowering women by creating exceptional pieces for the strong woman. The feared and revered goddess was symbolized as a woman with the head of a black cat, hence, Noir for black. Together the name Bastet Noir - Black Cat - has become a powerful symbol for fierce women to express their inner goddess with style, grace and individuality.

"Bastet Noir creates for women who are not afraid to roar, speak up, motivate and empower. We design for strong and bold badass babes with powerful voices, individuality and substance. Celebrating uniqueness is what we're all about." - Daniela Milosheska, Founder

Bastet Noir collections are something you can not only feel amazing in, but feel good about through their commitment to sustainability by adopting zero-waste practices and the slow fashion movement. From their early beginnings through up-cycling old vintage fashions to today, all fabrics are fashioned from "dead-stock" textiles left over from larger brands. This enables Bastet Noir to create sumptuous clothing made from luxurious fibres such as silk, satin, and velvet while reusing other high-end fabrics that would have gone to waste.

As part of their mission to empower women, each article is ethically hand-crafted by an artisan seamstress from a cooperative of single mothers enabling them to support themselves and create a better future for their children. Every Bastet Noir garment you purchase is a contribution to improving their lives.

Manufactured in a modest production studio in Macedonia, the collections are made in small, limited edition batches, designed to be a wearable work of art as unique, ferocious and feminine as you are.

"As women we love craftsmanship and appreciate handmade techniques, that's why we make sure all the fine details are hand stitched, responsibly produced and diverse."

Since all items are handmade it's easy to get the exact fit for your body, after all, none of us truly fit into the mass-produced mold fast fashion tries to shape us into; we are not one-size-fits-all, in mind or body. If we don't have your size readily available, simply email us your measurements and we'll have it custom made for you - at no extra cost!

"We create custom, bespoke fabulous clothing that suit your personal style and fit, to flatter and follow your body shape."

Bastet Noir collections embrace all the looks that every fashionista needs in her wardrobe arsenal, ranging from exquisite evening gowns, to gracefully casual attire, irresistible day-to-night styles and everything in between.

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