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Francesca Cresciullo

Francesca Cresciullo

 Cilento, a small village hidden away from our fast-paced modern world in the sunny south of Italy, is a place that still enjoys the beauty of the simple life frequently romanticized about over the last century. It is part of a unique cultural heritage that has spawned historical myths since the dawn of civilization.

It was here, her homeland, where Francesca Cresciullo's love for new experiences was cultivated.


"The love for the beauty of new discoveries, the richness of tradition and the power of memories is what I intend to communicate in my works. I create jewellery that tells a story."

Francesca's love for art initially called her to Milan, where she studied at the Academy of fine Arts of Brera. From there the seeds of the travel bug planted and took root, luring her to explore new places, cities and countries until finally bringing her to today, where she resides in the scenic coastal city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

For two years Francesca studied in the Jewellery Art and Design program at Vancouver Community College. For her first year, she was awarded the Artistic Achievement Award 2017 and, for her second year, the Circle Craft Overall Outstanding Achievement Award. During this time, she also received the Emergent Artist Award from the Craft Council BC and an Honourable Mention for the CJA 100th Anniversary Design Competition 2018.

Accomplished in multiple spectrums of artistic mediums, her passion is to create meaningful, contemporary jewellery using fine materials including precious and semi-precious gems.

"My creative process starts from the necessity to express a life impression, developing into an idea and concept.

Not afraid to challenge herself, artistically or technically, Francesca is always engaged in personal projects; continually improving, expanding and honing her skills.

"I am very eager of new techniques and I always want to reach higher levels of experience."


Francesca Cresciullo Collections:

La Crescita - “Growth”

The La Crescita - “Growth” - Collection is a meeting of past and present experiences looking to the future.

For this jewelry collection, I wanted to express the strength of everyday events that are important in building the person that you are.

Learn more about Francesca Cresciullo's, The La Crescita - “Growth” - Collection here.

Francesca Cresciullo: The La Crescita - “Growth” - Collection: Contemporary Handmade Jewelry


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