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Resham Choudhary

Resham Choudhary

New Delhi, India, is considered to become the world's next design capital, so it's no wonder that emerging independent designers like Resham Choudhary are starting to make the scene.

We are excited to offer Resham Choudhary's collections through our online boutique, fusing together Eastern and Western cultures, as her designs do.

PC: Can you describe a little bit about life in India and what it's like to be a fashion designer there?

RC: Life in India is always entertaining and colourful... dull moments are very few. It’s amazing to be a fashion Designer in India as we have a very rich heritage, and rich culture and you can get so much to work upon your collection. We also have very talented artisans who work so beautifully and with so much hard work on each and every garment. It’s like a magic to see them doing the artwork.

Sophisticated with a touch of playfulness, her collections seamlessly blend rich ethnic heritage with today's modern contemporary styles. Inspired by her day-to-day life and the women of her culture, Resham Choudhary's clothing line is designed for the ambitious, empowered woman who doesn't take life too seriously.

PC: When people think about your brand, collections and designs, what is it you hope they will think about?

RC: I hope they think my brand is unique and yet classic with a bit quirk without losing on comfort. I want them to think it’s for all those women who feel empowered.

Originally Resham enrolled in the study of science, but later dropped out to follow her passion for fashion design. Since then she has studied design from a reputable college in Delhi and worked as an assistant with well known New Delhi designers like Hemant & Nandita.

Using cotton sourced from a local powerloom or "deadstock" fabrics originally destined for Men's apparel her collections are soft to the touch, lightweight, breathable and sustainable.

PC: What fabrics do you like to use and why?

RC: I personally like cotton, as it is skin-friendly, not harmful for our body. And the touch of cotton is always soft. Our idea is to make cotton into not some daily wear fabric but we want people to see it as more than that and we will try to make everyone believe it through our clothes. 

PC: What are your thoughts on the Slow Fashion movement?

RC: It’s just mind blowing, how slow fashion is taking its place in the fashion industry. I think it’s the right thing which is happening in the industry.

Feeling confident about the future with a mission to bring her collections to the world, Resham Choudhary is an ambitious designer with a great eye for detail and we are thrilled to share her journey!

PC: What is your goal for your company? Where do you see your clothing label going in the future?

RC: My goal is to be able to share my work worldwide. Well, I am very much positive about my work and it’s aesthetics if we talk about future. As I always try to give something different & unique to my label.

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