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About Platypus Collective

About Platypus Collective

We're excited to welcome you to our new online boutique, Platypus Collective!

Platypus Collective is an online store specializing icontemporary artisan-crafted fashion, beauty, pet anhome products.

We very carefully hand-select products that are handmade and/or designed by independent artists from around the world.

Our belief is that style should:

    1. Cause the least amount of harm possible to our planet and the living beings we share it with.
    2. Not aim to be #ontrend or #onpoint but always #onstyle.
    3. Be an expression of oneself; a reflection from the inside out.
    4. Be created with care and quality. Passion is everything.
    5. Shared with the world because art is meant to be shared; to inspire; to inform; to admire and enjoy.

We believe humans can achieve great things without leaving destruction and pain in our wake. A large factor in doing so means being mindful of ourselves, others and how our actions affect the health of our planet and the living beings we share it with.

Emphasis on share.

We do not believe in continuing along the path of the disposable society that many of us have grown up in. Rather, we believe in using and/or reusing resources that normally would have gone to waste and materials that are naturally and responsibly sourced.

We believe the world is not ours to do with whatever we please, no matter the harm it may cause. Great things can only be achieved when care and respect for all is the foundation. Only then, can we rise to our full human potential.

This is our foundation.

This is why Platypus Collective was created. To share unique, quality goods, made with passion and respect for all, with the world. To show that a person can still have great style without disrupting the delicate balance of our world.

We work closely with independent designers and artisans who have the same foundation. All the products we supply incorporate at least one or more elements of being sustainable, ethical, cruelty-free and made from natural fibers or ingredients.

Nothing is mass-produced. All are made in small batches and many are either one-of-a-kind or very limited edition. If you see something you like, we highly recommend buying it now because it may not be available tomorrow.

We've put a lot of heart, soul, sweat and tears into bringing our vision of the Platypus Collection to life. We hope you like what you see and find something truly special for yourself, and/or a gift for a loved one. Your feedback is always appreciated!

Thank-you for visiting our boutique and welcome to the Platypus Collective!

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