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Spring Fashion Trends in 2019

Spring Fashion Trends in 2019

Put away those heavy winter clothes and break out your floral! And if you’ve been paying attention to the latest trends, you’ve probably caught onto some of the biggest hits on the runway. You probably know that lavender is in, as are puffy shoulders sleeves and bold neon colors. However, the most important trend to hit the fashion industry is sustainability and eco-friendly fashion choices. So, as you refresh your wardrobe, consider some of these spring fashion trends that are sure to make you look fabulous – and make the Earth look fabulous too.

Recycled fashion.

We all know the three “R’s” – reduce, reuse, and recycle. So, when it comes to fashion, it’s important to remember those three “R’s and designers around the world agree. For example, the popular outdoor company The North Face partnered up with British designer Christopher Raeburn to create accessories made from recycled tents. Spanish brand Ecoalf has begun to use waste out of the oceans to make clothes – all part of their Upcycling the Oceans mission.

Slow fashion.

By “slow fashion,” we do not mean fashionably late. Slow fashion – as opposed to “fast fashion” – considers the process and resources that go into making the clothes. So, as you prepare your spring wardrobe, consider these factors about your wardrobe choices – if the clothing or accessory was made from sustainable resources, the brand or designer is a smaller (as opposed to a large chain) and uses locally sourced materials, and releases a few choice pieces per collection. Consider the brand Everlane who spends months finding the right factories around the world and lets you actually see the factory where your product was made.

Embrace the capsule wardrobe.

It may be daunting to embrace the idea of a wardrobe that isn’t packed full with multiple options, however in our burgeoning “less is more” society, this is viable option is good for your wardrobe and good for the environment. So, what is a capsule wardrobe exactly? In a capsule wardrobe, you are embracing the concept of selecting a few choice options and shopping only once a season. Consider this guide created by Who What Wear as you build your spring wardrobe.

Custom-made fashion.

For most of us, the idea of shopping for clothes online – or even inside of a store – is a daunting task of trying on clothes like Goldie Locks tried out beds. Can you imagine having clothes custom designed and tailor made for you figure? That, ladies and gentlemen, is bespoke fashion. Made-to-order fashion may require some patience, but it’s an essential change to the fashion industry, the majority of which makes products not everyone wants (or can fit into properly). To start, check out the brand Tom James custom designs clothes right down to the fabric.

Cruelty-free fashion.

Did you know the vegan lifestyle doesn’t stop with your food? Cruelty-free fashion, also known as vegan fashion, is on the rise and growing in popularity. In fact, you can catch a glimpse of some of the eye-popping styles from Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles this year on Instagram. Jeane and Jax, one of the brands part of Vegan Fashion Week, is a great company to get your next vegan handbag. They support cruelty-free fashion and is a PETA-approved brand.

The latest trends hitting the runways this spring are showing more and more consideration for our planet. Making more conscious fashion choices is essential, especially when you think about the fact that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. So, as you step fashionably forward this spring, make sure your footprint is the kind you want to leave on the world.

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