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Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Him and Her

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Him and Her

It's the same every year isn't it? You've finally caught up from Christmas and New Year's celebrations and then BAM - Valentine's Day is upon you! Before you know it, you're left scrambling to come up with something special for your someone special. That ONE gift that shows how much you care and is as unique as they are.

As luck would have it, you've come to the right place. Unique and special gifts are our specialty.

All of our products are sustainably made with love by artisans from around the world. Whether you're looking for a unique gift for him, her or your furry friend, our curated Valentine's Day Gift Ideas are sure to surprise and delight your one-and-only.

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

While it's true that women are generally easier to buy for than men (sumptuous chocolates and flowers? yes thank-you!), finding something as truly rare as she is can be almost as challenging as it was getting the girl in the first place!

Top picks for unique gifts for her to sweep her off her feet:


Clothing can be tricky to buy for anyone, but no matter what style a person gravitates to, everyone loves having those truly distinctive pieces that stand out, causing others to notice. After all, style is one of the best ways to express ourselves without saying a word.

These are a few of our favorite Valentine's Day themed pieces from independent designers that she will enjoy wearing anywhere, from the office, to date-night, to the bedroom:


You can never go wrong buying a woman a pair of shoes. Shoes are often the first thing a woman notices on anyone. This year, satisfy her fetish with a pair of unique handmade shoes or booties by LA designer [si.zif]:

I have enough shoes - said no woman ever


Jewelry is like wearable art - a way for her to express herself with carefully thought out details, be them subtle or bold. The beauty of giving handmade jewelry as a Valentine's day gift for her is that each piece is crafted with loving care, enhancing the emotions she will feel while wearing it.

Though we have several gorgeous pieces of handmade jewelry to choose from in our shop, we feel these picks especially embody the spirit of love and individuality:

Handbags and Accessories

Handbags are not only an expression of a woman's personality, they are a mini extension  of her life. While it may be one of life's mysteries what she carries inside, it's no secret she certainly has use for another one!

Choose just one of these vibrant red, vegetable-tanned leather bags from fiveleft leather or splurge and gift her the whole matching set!


Home is where the heart is, her castle, where she reigns Queen. These curated handcrafted, sustainable and animal friendly gift ideas are guaranteed to warm her heart:

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Shopping for men is hard enough let alone trying to find some unique gift for him. Fortunately, gift ideas for men have expanded since the modern man, whatever his style, seems to care more about his appearance, home style and quality, long-lasting products than in the recent past. This growing demand has led more designers and craftsmen/women to create new collections just for him.

Top picks for unique gifts for him to please the discerning man:


Though he may not admit it, most men love shoes just as much as women do. But men, traditionally, have had far fewer selection than ladies do when it comes to finding a pair of men's shoes that stand out from the rest. Thankfully that is changing and we have selected some truly stand-out pairs to take his breath away: 


Most men have no use for accessories unless it provides a utilitarian purpose. Just because it's functional, that doesn't mean it can't also be fashionable. Not only are these handmade accessories for men  useful, they look damn good too!


There's nothing sexier than a man who looks and smells fantastic. Once he steps out of the shower after using these all-natural, eco-friendly grooming products, you may have a hard time keeping your paws off him! (the gift that keeps on giving!)


The man who loves to entertain is always on the lookout for statement pieces to start the conversation. You certainly won't find these artisan crafted items at your local big-box store and they're guaranteed to spark the attention of curious minds:

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Pets

Let us not forget our favorite furbabies! Give your fuzzy friend the gift of style with this festive handmade red collar and matching leash:

A Note About Gifts & Shipping Times

All of our products are handmade, many made at the time you order them. This means shipping times vary and may take several weeks to arrive. But don't let this deter you from giving your loved one a truly special and unique present. If your Valentine's Day gift won't arrive in time, please reach out to us and we are happy to whip up a personalized card just for you featuring what's to come!

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