Francesca Cresciullo: The La Crescita - “Growth” - Collection

Francesca Cresciullo: The La Crescita - “Growth” - Collection: Contemporary Handmade Jewelry

Francesca Cresciullo Collections:

La Crescita - “Growth”

The La Crescita - “Growth” - Collection is a meeting of past and present experiences looking to the future.

For this jewelry collection, I wanted to express the strength of everyday events that are important in building the person that you are.

Each piece of this collection expresses a meaningful symbol to convey this concept. All the past experiences and the present, are fused together to create a structure, both solid and unique. I thought of how a person continues to collect experiences in life. Everyday events, all the skills, the good and the bad moments create who you become as a person.

To conceptualize this idea, I thought:

What is the most personal and unique symbol that represents us?

A fingerprint.

That is why all the pieces follow the motif of an impression left by a human finger. Like a wave, swollen with the force of momentum, every strip of metal yearns to voice an individual experience.

To tell my story I wanted to connect each piece in relation to the body part where it is placed.

Brooch: Fulcrum

To begin our narrative travel, I introduce you to the brooch. Placed upon the heart, it symbolizes my love for drawing which pushed me to follow my passion into the creative realm. The heart will always push you to pursue your dreams and it is from the heart that everything starts.

Francesca Cresciullo: The La Crescita - “Growth” - Collection: Handmade Brooch

Earrings: Imprint

Through the ear we listen, we learn, and receive hundreds of sound waves everyday, each one different from the next. I thought to express this concept through earrings, each one unique, presented in a jacket style so that they may be worn in multiple combinations to the preference of the wearer.

Francesca Cresciullo: The La Crescita - “Growth” - Collection: Handmade Earrings

Cuff Bracelet: Vestige

The dynamic, tangible lines of precious metals represent the veins flowing through our bodies, bringing a continuous stream of vital nutrients, oxygen and energy. Tracing the wrist, the cuff wraps around without covering too much space. Wearing the bracelet symbolizes the imprints from your past experiences, evolving transformations and a present reminder to honour each day's gift of life.

Francesca Cresciullo Contemporary Handmade Jewellery: The La Crescita Growth Collection Vestige Cuff Bracelet

Ring: Consolidation

From daily experiences all the skills you learn and ideas evolved, we express ourselves through the hands, our best tools. From the collaboration of these ideas emerged the statement you see in the ring, also made in a jacket style. Made of three separate pieces, each section may be worn on its own or combined together in different ways to create a unique look every time.

Francesca Cresciullo: The La Crescita - “Growth” - Collection: Handmade Ring

Necklace: Synthesis

The final piece is the necklace, which in my collection is the biggest finger print. This represents who we are as a person. Strips of different metals start from a point and show the growth becoming vast and yet to no ending as we continue to grow and discover our true self.

Francesca Cresciullo: The La Crescita - “Growth” - Collection: Handmade Necklace


Francesca's jewelry is handmade upon order. No two pieces are exactly the same. This is truly a one of a kind collection. Unique, individual and always evolving - as each and every one of us are.

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